• Manual of controlled drug use
Drugs have been traditionally associated with negative consequences, such as mental illness, addiction, violence, and even death (overdose). But there is ever-increasing scientific evidence that controlled drug use is possible for both legal and illegal drugs. Moreover, drug use is neither intrinsically harmful, nor do the young adults who take them get worse or are worse people than non drug users. For example, young moderate drug users enjoy a better psychological well-being than non drug users, who tend to be more introverted, anxious, hostile, inexpressive, or are not strictly empathic. Furthermore, some surveys conducted with university students have shown that many drug users indicate that they have experienced positive effects on their long-term drug use. If the drug use control level of frequent consumers is higher than assumed, it is easy to deduce that improving the control among those people who take drugs is possible, who perhaps see how this capacity lowers. The Manual of Controlled Drug Use addresses those people who consume drugs and wish to reduce their consumption, gain better control, or cut the risks associated with drug use and drug abuse. It also addresses anyone who wishes to make full use of the positive effects that drugs can offer them, regardless of them being drug users or not. If a psychological procedure existed with which it was possible to experience positive effects of drugs, and which cut or eliminated their negative effects, it would be most useful for those people who take drugs and who do not wish to stop taking them. In fact, this procedure actually exists and it is called the Self-Regulation Therapy. This Manual includes a detailed description of the Self-Regulation Therapy. Finally, this Manual also addresses therapists and researchers who wish to work with exercises and intervention programs on moderate drug use.

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Manual of controlled drug use

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